Why do we choose one product over the other? Some products have an intrinsic indispensability.
The long-lasting and durable form is far preferable. We are part of society and living on top of a long history of design,
as we try quite humble rethinking. Form and sensuality are integrated parts, and should be developed in a natural interaction.
We find the essence of the product and eliminates redundant.
The things we surround ourselves should not distract or take attention from the important and real about what life is and about.
On the contrary, the things we own must support and contribute to freedom of expression.

Sørigs 10 points:
1) We work with development of furniture and related products.
2) We are dealing with long-lasting design.
3) We work with high-quality products in form and execution.
4) We are not happy until the product is commercial.
5) We find the essence of the product.
6) Our goal is to optimize the products for industrial production.
7) The design process where factors such as ergonomics, materials, price, production, aesthetics and architecture are essential
and the basis for the final product.
8) We are aware that we are a part of society, also in the design process.
9) The total in/expression is important. Nice honest appearance is essential.
10) It is not essential that it is new, it must just be better.