Henrik Sørig

I look at the way we work as an open industrial design lab..

My Passion

We are passionate and dedicated designers.


We are passionate and dedicated designers. We experiment with the production of furniture and products
- together with our cooperation partners. I look at the way we work as an open industrial design lab.
We primarily work in two ways: Receiving a brief: A more or less bound task from
a manufacturer. Or from our own desire to change, refine or recreate objects.

About Henrik Sørig: His passion is furniture design. However, Henrik is specialized in industrial
design as general. The favorite moment is the beginning of the process,
during development process on a new project, where everything is possible.

He likes working directly with materials in the workshop and especially when working together with manufactures with passion and attitude - to create objects that stimulate our senses – creating things that suits out time." Products we dial with every day must not distract from the essence, on the contrary, they must support and encourage free expression". Henrik continues:” Design is successful when the product continues to surprise and provide pleasure long after the purchase”. Persistent values are essential in the process and the final outcome.

One of the characteristics is the will to seek new points of view, to investigate the nature of materials, find new angles of traditional products. He likes dealing with all senses in the continuous process overlooking and playing with functions, emotions and history to initiate new levels. Henrik Sørig left Denmark’s Design School 1995 as an industrial designer. Furthermore he has a bachelor in social studies, besides he is educated as a cabinet maker.